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Pranayama and Meditation


(Weekends only)

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 abc About Pranayama and Meditation

We at Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre go beyond the popular breathing techniques. Our focus is on a step by step progression while you practice pranayama. We add chanting to your pranayama practice to enhance your experience of going inwards even further.

 abc The Krishna Wellness Way

At our Centre, we know that Pranayama is a perfect tool to centre ourselves with the power of breath. But if done wrong, it can cause a lot of problems and not lead to the goal of Meditation.Our instructors with their immense experience guide you methodically through the different stages of breath regulation or pranayama helping you progress rapidly on this path.

What Will You Learn?

  1. Classical Breathing Techniques
  2. Khumbhaka Practices (Breathe Retention Practices)
  3. How to breath deeper, better with calmness
  4. Expand your lung capacity
  5. Internalise through meditation
  6. Concentrate and focus more
 abc The Experience

For us to find that ultimate silence, our practice is focussed on our breathe to become light and subtle with a gentle extension of our breathe. And this has to be done based on our individual breathing capacities. Our expert teachers guide our students from simple to advanced breathing techniques, through stages, and taken them on a graded journey through various ways to synchronize body, breath & mind for the ideal experience.

  1. Class begins with prayer or mantras
  2. Warm ups involve gentle breathe based Asana practice and breathe observation.
  3. Main session - practice of various techniques of pranayama
  4. Class ends with following the breath and observing the changes and progress in us.
 abc Benefits of Pranayama & Meditation
  • Improves stamina, concentration, energy levels and flexibility.
  • Healing & therapeutic benefits for many ailments and problems, both physical and emotional.

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